More Summer Jobs? Depends on the Survey

High school and college students will soon be looking for that summer job. And the prospects for landing that job are mixed this year.

All three of my boys are among that age group, and I’m counting my lucky stars that all three have jobs lined up this summer. In fact, each one has a job right now. Am I dreaming? If I am, don’t wake me.

Two surveys, two outcomes

I came across two surveys from two well-respected job placement organizations about the summer job forecast, with two different opinions. But both agree… get started now to land that job.

Summer is a time when teenagers are out of school, and many are getting their first taste of working, and pulling in a paycheck. How does the summer of 2011 look?  Well, depends on the survey.

  • Challenger, Gray and Christmas says seasonal job opportunities will show little improvement over the historic hiring lows in the summer of 2010. Budget cuts at the federal, state and local levels are partly to blame.  With less funding, government summer employment programs are offering fewer jobs.
  • has a rosier forecast.  Its survey found more than half (55%) of hiring managers say they plan to hire seasonal workers this summer. That’s the highest percentage since it started the survey four years ago. And SnagAJob found those who score summer jobs will be paid better, too.  $10.90 an hour, on average, a 7% increase over last summer’s $10.20.

Start looking now

While the surveys may differ, the bottom line is, the competition for summer jobs will be tough, and the advice is to get started now.

Kids, it’ll make your parents proud. Trust me. And please don’t wake me up if I’m dreaming.

Click here for tips on landing a summer job.


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