You May Be Partly To Blame For High Gas Prices

As gas prices continue to climb, we’re always looking for ways to squeeze an extra buck or two out of the nozzle.  And sometimes what we do doesn’t save any money, but it sure makes us feel a little better. Here are a few I’ve tried:

  • “It’s got to be cheaper somewhere else.” Drive an extra ten miles to find that gas station that sells it for a penny less a gallon. You do the math on that one.
  • “See. That pit stop only cost $25.” What I forgot to mention is I only put in half a tank, instead of filling it up. I used to laugh at my dad when he did that (when gas was 29 cents). Now my kids laugh at me.
  • Do the “nozzle shake” to get that very last drop of gas in your tank. “Daddy, what’s that guy doing over there?”

Many of us are looking for creative ways to save some money. CNN interviewed a spokesman for the National Association of Convenience Stores. Jeff Lenard says an NACS survey found the 29% will drive 10 minutes out of their way to save 3 cents a gallon.

Not very smart, but here’s what really caught my eye. Lenard says the way you pay for your gas is slightly to blame for the prices at the pump. “When gas prices go up,” Lenard told CNN, “more people pay with plastic and that increases the fees.” More from CNN:

Call it the cost of doing business. Lenard says gas stations get charged about 2 percent every time you use your credit or debit card to top off your tank.  At $3.50 a gallon, that’s about 7 cents extra in credit card fees. “The retailers, he or she has to pass that on or eat it when they already have very slim margins. Ultimately the customer pays the price.”

Lenard suggests you look for gas stations that offer discounts for paying with cash. Okay. I’ll drive around until I find one.

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