My Text Talk With My Son

Are you getting enough sleep? If not, technology overload could be to blame. Nearly two-thirds of us say we’re not getting enough ZZZZs and late-night computer use, texting and video games are a big part of the problem, according to a new survey.

The Sleep in America poll found that virtually all Americans (95%) report “very active” use of technology (television, computer, video game or cell phone) at least a few nights a week within an hour of bed.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but here are a couple of the survey results I find interesting, if not entirely surprising:

  • Baby-boomers (46-64) watch TV the most right before going to sleep (67%).
  • Generation Z’ers (13-18) text and talk on the phone the most right before going to sleep (56%).

I’ve picked on Gen Z’ers and Gen Y’ers (19-29) before about their texting and talking habits.  (In “iPhone Addiction”,  I texted my college son “Do you still sleep with your iPhone?” His answer: “What do you mean by that?”) So I went straight to the “experts” again.

My high school senior is a night owl. He often doesn’t get to sleep until well past midnight. Recently I looked over my AT&T bill and a couple of statistics stood out: he texts often (more than 10,000 times last month), and at night (usually until 2am).  So I asked him (by text, naturally) a few questions about his texting/sleeping habits:

  • Me: “Do you text before falling asleep?”
  • Him: “Is this a survey?”
  • Me: “No. Info for my blog (don’t lie to your kids).”
  • Him: “I text right before bed, but don’t fall asleep til around 1:30-2.”
  • Me: “(playing dumb) So you don’t text in bed?”
  • Him: “Yeah I do. Ha. Sometimes in my sleep. I text til I fall asleep.”
  • Me: “You’re sick!”
  • Him: “I’m that good.”
  • Me: “(Again, too honest) When looking at my phone bill, I can tell when you fall asleep and when you wake up.”
  • Him: “Whata creeperrrrr!”

Here’s what I learned today.  My son is “sick” and I’m a “creeperrrr”.  I love technology. Once again, it has brought a father and his son closer together.

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