Saving Our Preemies

You may be surprised to learn how bad the stats are for premature babies in Oklahoma. The March of Dimes says nearly 14% of babies born here are premature.

My father is a retired pediatrician in Oregon.  I remember when I was a young boy, my dad would come home and tell me about the new babies under his care. Many of them would be preemies fighting for life. Some would come into the world so early, and be so tiny, they’d fit in the palm of his hand and weigh not much more than a pound or two.

The past couple of years I’ve emceed one of the spring fundraisers in Tulsa for the March of Dimes, with proceeds going towards research and education.

Today, I interviewed Laurie Applekamp, the state director for the March of Dimes. We talked about that disturbing stat I mentioned at the top, but more importantly, how to help save babies’ lives.  Here’s a portion of that interview:

While premature babies often suffer a lifetime of health problems, that’s not always the case. Applekamp’s son was a preemie. He’s now 6’4″ and plays football for Harvard.

Once again, the March of Dimes is holding its annual “March for Babies” walk May 7 at Oral Roberts University.  For more info go to, or call 918-742-0333.

It’s for the health of our future.


One Comment on “Saving Our Preemies

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