Is Charlie Sheen Bipolar?

We’ve certainly had our Charlie Sheen fix over the past few days. Some of us can’t get enough of his off-the-wall babble, while I’ve heard many others say “Enough already!” I’m a part of the “I can’t take my eyes off the train wreck” camp.

Sheen’s rants are disturbing and entertaining at the same time, leaving the experts (and non-experts) to diagnose him from afar. On Wednesday I interviewed one of those experts who offered his take on Sheen. And like many of the other experts’ remote diagnosis, Mike Brose, executive director of the Tulsa Mental Health Association, believes Sheen’s behavior is either caused by substance abuse or he’s bipolar. Here’s a portion of my interview:

Brose went over the symptoms of bipolar disorder, which include:

  • Agitation or irritation
  • Inflated self-esteem
  • Little need for sleep
  • Hyperactivity
  • Lack of self-control
  • Binge eating, drinking, and/or drug use
  • Sexual promiscuity

Wow! That pretty well describes Sheen’s behavior, at least by my very unprofessional remote diagnosis. Here’s Brose’s take:

We ran out of time, but afterwards I asked Brose what we could expect next from Sheen, if he is indeed bipolar, and he goes untreated.  Brose told me he’s worried he could hurt someone, or if his behavior heads the opposite way, he could fall into a deep depression, and could end up hurting himself.

Many of us watch Charlie Sheen for the pure entertainment value, wondering what will come out of his mouth next.  Brose is a professional, an expert in the field of mental health. He told me Sheen is too painful for him to watch. For Brose, Sheen may be that train wreck he just can’t stomach to watch.

3 Comments on “Is Charlie Sheen Bipolar?

  1. Here’s another “unprofessional” diagnosis of Charlie Sheen. Having lived in fairly close proximity to someone who was genuinely “manic-depressive” (later termed bi-polar), I wouldn’t elevate Sheen’s diagnosis to that of manic-depressive”., which is unfortunately passed down from previous generations in some form. Sheen is a nut case, for sure—–but are we to believe that he’s never been on strong mind altering drugs in his past? What was he like as a teenager when BP often shows up? Has anyone “followed ” his family history? I’m getting sick and tired of his taking space in the news.

    • Thanks Paul. I wish you were closer to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’d invite you in to be an expert for one of our TV interviews on the topic. By the way, our local WNBA team, the Tulsa Shock, just picked up one of your basketball stars in the draft… 6’8″ Elizabeth Cambage. She’ll stand out here in Tulsa… in more ways than one.

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