Top Careers of 2011

Are you looking for a job change?  Maybe you’re even thinking of changing careers entirely.  A lot of people are fed-up, bored, or just plain unhappy with their job, and they want a change. There’s a lot that goes into making such a big decision. Here are a few of the best careers of 2011.

  • Healthcare is always near the top of the list of fastest-growing careers.   Dental hygienists and physician assistants are among those in high demand in Oklahoma.
  • Gallup recently called Oklahoma one of the top ten best job markets, primarily because we’re an energy state. Higher energy prices have opened a number of opportunities for engineers, technicians and laborers that are educated in drilling and refining.
  • Not every hot career means years of higher education.  Some of Oklahoma’s fastest growing occupations that only require work experience or on-the-job training, include veterinary assistants, pharmacy technicians, pipelayers and plumbers.

Of course, with the recession officially over and the job market slowly improving, your best career decision could be to stay put with the one you already have.

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