Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas

Spring break is right around the corner. A lot of you will be heading out-of-town for vacation. If you haven’t made plans yet, are you too late? 

For many in Oklahoma, spring break is just two weeks away, and after our record-breaking winter, you may want to put the blizzard and unbearable temperatures behind you.

Greg Spears, with Spears Travel, says while it may be too late to book that flight to Disneyworld, there are last-minute alternatives closer to home, like Branson and San Antonio.

Alex Eaton of World Travel also says the reasonably priced airfares are gone, but cruises out of Galveston or New Orleans are still available, as long as you drive. And there’s still lots of snow in Colorado for that last-minute ski vacation.  That is, if you’re not sick and tired of cold weather.

Spears says the clients who are looking ahead to summer, are more concerned with skyrocketing gas prices, than rising airfares.  He advises those who are debating Fly vs. Drive to hold tight on their summer plans to see which direction gas prices are headed. While Eaton preaches book early for those who are dead set on flying.

Of course, if money is no object, you can still book a flight for spring break and go just about anywhere.

Need help with your spring break plans? Check out either Spears Travel or World Travel.

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