And the Oscar Goes To….

“The King’s Speech”, “Social Network”, “Black Swan”….  Which movie will go home with Oscar tonight at the Academy Awards? Is it too late to throw some other movies into the mix?  In honor of the Oscars, I’ve added a few of my personal favorites over the years. Drama, comedy, action… it’s all there (sorry, no sex).

This movie has a very dramatic moment when one of its stars gets into a very dangerous situation.

Will he survive?

I call it “How’s Your Aspen?” (It may take a moment to get it.)


There’s lots of action in this short film.

I call it “Cat vs. Dog” (it took me a while to come up with that one).


This has sure been a rough winter for a lot of the country.

“Winter of Our Discontent” was already taken.

So let’s call this movie “Cruisin’ Along”.


Here’s another in the short film category.

This movie star thinks a lot of him/herself (yeah, big surprise).

I call it “You’re So Vain”.


The plot to this short thriller will keep you in suspense until the very end.

How’s that for a tease?

The bad boy in this movie has starred in many real-life thrillers in his short lifetime.

“The Prank”


This last film has one of the most beautiful stars in the entire world.



“And the Oscar goes to…..”


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