Saving Money 101

The urge to splurge can be tough for many of us. But with the economy looking a little bit better, it’s even more important to set aside some savings for short and long-term goals.

Americans are saving more now than before the recession, but there’s always room for improvement. And the good thing about savings is that starting small — can add up big over time.

This is “America Saves Week”. Want  to save more money? Getting started is often the toughest part.

  • Get going by setting up a goal for yourself or your family.  Then, put a plan in place — especially if it’s a long-term goal like retirement.
  • Look at all of your expenses, and create a budget that allows for savings — and don’t be afraid to change things from time to time.  Ken McDonnell, America Saves Program Director, says “This is not a set it and forget it. You need to revisit that plan periodically to make sure that the money is growing in the way that you want.”
  • If you just can’t help yourself from spending when there’s money in your pocket or in your checking account — let the bank help you avoid temptation.  “The ultimate best way to get around all of this is an automatic savings,” says McDonnell. “And you can set this up with your bank to have, say, 25 dollars a month taken out of our checking account, and put directly into a savings account.”

And keep in mind that when it comes to savings, it’s never too early — or late — to get started.

(Source: CNN)


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