Reporter’s Gibberish Blamed on Migraine, Not Stroke


During my career in TV I’ve been tongue-tied a few times on the air. I’ve also had a few nightmares where the tele-prompter is in some foreign language. But I’ve never encountered what a Los Angeles TV reporter faced this week during a live report from the Grammy awards.

Video of KCBS-TV reporter Serene Branson went viral this week when she began speaking gibberish on-air.  It’s disturbing to watch. Here’s the clip:

Many worried she’d suffered a stroke. But ABC News reports a complex migraine was to blame, which can mimic the effects of a small stroke.

Here’s an ABC News story with Branson’s response to her frightening episode:

3 Comments on “Reporter’s Gibberish Blamed on Migraine, Not Stroke

  1. I felt so sorry for this TV Reporter. We’e hping and praying that she will be ok and can return to her reporting.

  2. WOW…that’s awful….I’m glad to hear she’s ok and that it wasn’t a stroke. Poor thing…I hope she’s able to get back to work soon and be confident in her skills as a reporter.

  3. I’m so sorry that this happened to this TV-reporter when it did. Migraines are terrible, and I didn’t know that one could have such terrible results from such headaches, other than nausea, vomiting, etc. She obviously is a very talented & beautiful young lady who was chosen for that particular feature. Perhaps, however, it took this traumatic episode for her to get proper medical help—-and perhaps a prevention / cure. I feel for her. I urge her to keep up with her reporting —–and get help.

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