Top Job Interview Blunders

Here’s the scenario. You’re at that all-important job interview. Your cell phone goes off. Maybe your ringtone is Cee Lo Green’s hit “Forget You”. The other version of that song.

Alright, maybe not. Chances are you don’t have an X-rated ringtone. But many candidates make the mistake of answering their phones during interviews. recently came out with a survey of hiring managers of the most outrageous and common faux pas that some candidates have made in job interviews.  Look what’s at the top of the blunder list!

  • Answering a cell phone or texting during the interview – 71%
  • Dressing inappropriately – 69%
  • Appearing bored – 69%
  • Appearing arrogant – 66%
  • Bad talking a current or previous employer – 63%
  • Chewing gum – 59%

The survey also unveiled some of the most outrageous blunders hiring managers had encountered. One candidate blew her nose and lined up the used tissues on the table in front of her. Another wore a hat that said “take this job and shove it.” I doubt either one got the job.

Best to leave the hats and cell phones in the car when you’re on that job interview. If you don’t, you can sing “Forget It”. Or another version of the song.

Click here for more common and outrageous mistakes candidates made in job interviews.

One Comment on “Top Job Interview Blunders

  1. Ahhh – and if they were not lucky enough to get an interview it could be because they hit send before using spell check. Someone applying for a job where communication skills are a must should ALWAYS use spell check.

    Someone who bad talks the current employer always leaves a bad impression with me. I always wonder what the candidate did to make the employer treat him/her so badly.

    Many of us work in a virtual environment these days. So someone may think they can wear PJs to the interview. DON’T!! Dress for success so it comes through your attitude on the phone.

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