The (Not So) Sweet Smell of Valentine’s Day

"Do you smell something?"

My wife walks in the door this morning, and the first thing she says is, “Wow, what’s that smell?” “Happy Valentine’s Day honey,” I yell out. “Your gift just came.”

That gift was the Valentine’s Special from Omaha Steaks. And it wasn’t just a couple of days late. It was a couple of weeks late. And even though the styrofoam container was sealed, it was obvious what was inside wasn’t something to be reckoned with.

This was the Valentine’s Special. Steak and lobster. Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? But I was prepared for this disappointment. On Valentine’s Day I called Omaha Steaks (read “Dead Meat On Valentine’s Day!”) and was told the package had been sitting at the local UPS office for two weeks. “Looks like you had some bad weather. It couldn’t be delivered,” I was told.

We were also warned not to eat it when it showed up at our front door. Good call.

We didn’t!

But my cat loved it!

Good thing I had a back-up plan.

Smells much better!

2 Comments on “The (Not So) Sweet Smell of Valentine’s Day

  1. OH MY, It wasn’t the fault of Omaha Steaks, but that lousy record breaking , icy snowy weather that you had down there in Broken Arrow—and all of the Tulsa area. Did O. S. make it right for you? Lobster and steaks sound very, very good. Please clear their name. Ha! We love Omaha Steaks!!!!!!!

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