Not Just Another Cute Animal Story

I know, I know. We have a lot of cute animal stories in our newscasts. I’m told people love them. Let’s see,  at 5 o’clock we had a cute panda story. Pandas are cute. We show dogs, bears, goats, pigs, geese, tigers…. you get the idea. They usually follow the hard news of the day. I’m not overly fond of cute animal stories, but we had one today at 4 o’clock that was pretty dogcatgone good. It’s out of KGO-TV in San Francisco. It’s called “Cat Burglar”.  Here is it:

4 Comments on “Not Just Another Cute Animal Story

  1. I LOVE THAT, too!!!!! Very, very cute. I happen to like animal stories, but I’m a soft touch. BUT I have a big problem loving SOME cats. Not all, however. Yours, maybe, Mark——-especially the black one. I think he’ll remember me if we ever get down your way. But , cats out prowling at night—-no, no, no—), but they’re out killing our song birds, which we feed regularly in the bird-feeder, and which live in the bird houses. They bother our dog who barks at them. They “bathroom” in our plants. Now, we dog owners have to collar and leash our dog when we go out with him for a walk—-but WHY, oh WHY do the “powers that be” allow cats to roam at will. Leash them, too, and/or put tinkly bells on their collars. Or best yet, keep them indoors at night. Cute story, however, but the neighbors seem to enjoy the bandit.

  2. Too funny. I’ve seen cats carry odd items around – rarely. But never like this. I’m off to put a lock on my sock drawer – just in case.

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