Snow Days Pile Up

Two weeks minus one day. 9 days. That’s how long most Oklahoma students have been out of school during this historic snow and cold. They won’t admit it, but I can tell my boys are getting tired of being home. I know I am. And my wife certainly is.

While main roads are certainly drivable now, the neighborhoods and school parking lots aren’t. And that continues to be the problem. Buses can’t get to the bus stops, kids can’t safely walk to school. Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Keith Ballard says safety has been the number one concern in cancelling so many days. “A huge number of our kids walk to school,” says Ballard. “There was a lady killed the other night because she couldn’t find a place to walk.”

The other school districts face the same problems. And now they face a very tough decision… how to make up all those lost days. Every school district is way over in its allotted number of  “snow days”. TPS is surveying its parents with several choices including: extending the school day, Saturday classes, Spring Break, and going into June.

That’s also what I’ve been asking you the past couple of days in my very unofficial, extremely unscientific poll. I’ve added one more choice: June days. Let me know what you think.

Here are the results of my poll so far (before adding June to the list):

  • 62% want longer school days
  • 21% say “Take our Spring Break”
  • 18% would like to see Saturday classes

On Thursday, TPS Superintendent Ballard said a decision will be made by Friday morning, and they may announce it on Monday. I’m sure other district heads won’t be far behind with their decisions.

2 Comments on “Snow Days Pile Up

  1. I believe since the snow storm was called a national disaster, they can forgive the days missed… and not have to make them up at all.

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