Do You Have a Work Spouse?

The topic of the Wall Street Journal story I was in Wednesday (read my blog “Hey, I’m in the Wall Street Journal!”) is getting plenty of attention. The WSJ ran a story called “Does Your Work Wife Get a Valentine?”

According to a survey by Captivate Network, nearly two-thirds of workers have, or have had, a “work spouse”.  That’s someone you share a special, yet platonic, relationship with at your office.  Today, CNN Headline News followed up on the WSJ story.

My "real" wife of 21 years!

In one of my 2009 blogs I wrote about “My Many ‘Wives’“. It was in reference to all the “TV wives” I’ve had during my career. The WSJ reporter read it and called me for an interview to include in her story.

So here’s another one of my very unofficial, extremely unscientific polls:

2 Comments on “Do You Have a Work Spouse?

  1. My answer was “yes” to your question about whether to give a work-place man or woman a card or a gift. But I’ll add these qualifications: If the giver is secure in his/her marriage; if the gift/card is not intimate, but it simply thanking the person for your kind regard for them at your work-place; and IF the giver’s spouse is fully aware and in agreement.

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