Airline Hikes Fees For Heavy Bags

See that picture to the right? It’s from one of our vacations and my wife is about to check her bag(s) at the airline ticket counter. Here’s what usually happens:

  • Ticket agent: “(weighing bag) Ma’am, your bag is too heavy.”
  • Wife: “(faking surprise) “Really?”
  • Ticket agent: “It weighs 59 pounds. Can you take out nine pounds? Otherwise, I’ll have to charge you 50 dollars.”
  • Wife: “(not faking her displeasure) Really!!”

At this point, my wife stuffs her stuff into my bag, and we’re on our way. Happens almost every time.

For one airline, the fees for overweight and oversized bags are going up. A lot. For bags that weigh between 50 and 70 pounds that fly US Airways, the price will jump from $50 to $90. If the bags are supersized.. more than 70 pounds.. flyers will be slapped with a $175 fee, up from $100. The new fees are effective March 1 for customers on tickets bought after February 1.

Keep in mind this is in addition to what US Airways (and most other airlines) already charge you for checked bags: $25 for the first one, and $35 for the second. I try and fly Southwest if possible. No baggage fees. A trip last month for our family of five could have cost us at least an extra $600 in fees on other airlines.

I’ve always tried to pack light, knowing my wife will probably stuff her stuff into my stuff at the ticket counter (I also pack my briefs at the bottom of my bag for obvious reasons). Now, when flying US Airways, there’s even more of a financial incentive to do that.

2 Comments on “Airline Hikes Fees For Heavy Bags

  1. Mark –

    Really enjoy your blog. Friendly hint: “View” on your upper right corner tag phrase sports a capital I. Spell check won’t catch that one…

    Have a great weekend,

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