Snow Pictures

The snow totals are in. And they’re pretty impressive. While Tulsa officially got just over 5 and a half inches from this latest storm, other areas nearby got more. A lot more. Some places in NE Oklahoma are buried. One viewer called and said he got three feet of snow.

A viewer in Salina sent the station this picture. 26 inches!!

That’s a mail truck. Uh-oh! Somebody’s not getting their mail today!

One of our photojournalists rescued a lost dog in the storm.

We’ll call her “Blizzie” until her owner can be found.

Come out! I know you’re in there!

(thanks to one of our sports guys, Rick Pendergraft, for the photo)

Hey Rick, are you coming back?



2 Comments on “Snow Pictures

  1. Your new pic on POV looks so “official”. And I love all your storm posts. Rain and gray in the Pac NW.

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