Riding Out the Storm at Hotel 8

It’s midnight. Heading into Wednesday morning. And into the teeth of another storm. Many of us are spending another night at Hotel 8. My sleeping bag was up here a couple of nights last week, during the historic Blizzard of ’11. And it’s rolled out again tonight with the forecast calling for up to another foot of snow. The Ritz-Carlton it’s not.

Glamorous isn’t it?

Sports Director Chris Lincoln ready to catch up on some old sports news!

A quiet newsroom.

Chief Meteorologist Frank Mitchell doing a weather cut-in.

How long are we going to be here?

Nice touch. But it’s still not the Ritz!



4 Comments on “Riding Out the Storm at Hotel 8

  1. Awww…man! Sorry Mark…I hope you all at least have fun together….ps…I like the new pic at the top…sweet angle!

  2. Sorry it is coming again. But as my mom use to say, ” this too shall pass”. I keep forgetting to take some pictures of the beach where I walk every day. Must remember to put my camera in my coat pocket.

  3. Can you really fit into that sleeping bag? Glad you are home now.

    • Not really. And the air mattress went flat during the middle of the night. Same thing happened last week at our station “snow storm slumber party”.

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