Latest Storm: Tulsa Dodges a Snowflake

9 am update:

Boy, did Tulsa dodge a snowflake. T-town has gotten a little less than half a foot of snow from this latest storm. (That’s a photo of one of our “live” locations in SW Tulsa.) But just to the north and east of town, it’s a lot more. Here are some of the snowfall totals as of 8:45 am:

  • Tulsa 5″
  • Broken Arrow 6″
  • Pryor 12″
  • Bartlesville 12″
  • Pawhuska 18″
  • Colcord 20″

It’s still snowing, so those totals will go up. Want some good news? Before I get to that, the temp tomorrow morning will be south of zero. Around 6 below. Now the good news. We’re going to warm up. Maybe in the 60’s by early next week.

We like records. And with this latest storm, we broke them. Most snowfall ever for the month and the season in Tulsa. Our average for a season is 9″. So far, we have around 26″.


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