How Would You Make Up Snow Days?

Snow days.  Schools have had way too many so far this winter. Districts have to make up the lost days somehow, and that’s what they’re struggling with right now. How would you like to see the days made up? Vote in my very unofficial, extremely unscientific poll.


2 Comments on “How Would You Make Up Snow Days?

  1. Oregon is struggling “big time” with our schools and it’s budget. Worst in the nation. So don’t follow Oregon. Sorry, Oregon, but it IS beautiful. So , in Oklahoma I would extend each school day earlier and longer if at all possible to make up for those unexpected , weather-related days—-and keep Spring breaks, summer, and Christmas vacations AS IS. Children, whether younger and older, need free time from their studies. Education is also OUTSIDE the classroom, as well as going on vacations with family to other parts of the state , country, and world. Kids grow up soon enough. Don’t “hasten” it ! Just a mother’s advice.

  2. So glad Union built in 5 days instead of just 3 like alot of schools do. Leave spring break – too many families have plans but I’d be in favor of having them go on professional days, parent-teacher conference days, etc… in addition to making the school day longer by starting earlier and/or staying later.

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