Snow Storms Put Strain On Many Tax Preparers

Chalk up another victim to Tulsa’s historic winter weather… our taxes.  I had every intention of getting to my taxes early this year. Then the storms hit. I’ve been more worried about finding bread, milk and eggs, than w-2s and 1040s. That’s my excuse, and it may have put your taxes on the back burner as well.

This is the time of year when many Americans get a jump-start on filing their taxes. First it was Uncle Sam that forced a lot of taxpayers who like to file early to wait a while longer.  Now, Mother Nature is putting a strain on getting our taxes in. Several local CPAs tell me that the storms will put a lot of tax preparers behind.

Neil Jay, of Jay & Associates, expects to see a higher than normal number of extensions will be filed this year. He recommends that taxpayers:

  • Bring in their taxes as soon as possible and be very thorough with their information and numbers because preparers will be extra busy.
  • Be patient with their preparer.  Jay says if you do need to file an extension, it won’t increase the chances of an audit.

Millions of Americans are getting a slow start anyway because of late changes in the 2010 tax law passed by Congress in December.  The IRS won’t start processing returns from people who itemize, and claim certain deductions, until Valentine’s Day.

And now the weather. Yikes!

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