Calm After the Storm

The Tulsa skyline from our TV station

It’s Wednesday. Many of us are still stuck at the station, and can’t go home. My air mattress sprung a leak last night. Woke up cranky. We had eggs, sausage and biscuits for breakfast. I think it’s Hot Pocket taquitos for lunch. I heard there’s no salsa. How can that be?

Breakfast at KTUL

Grilled cheese sandwiches and soup on the menu for dinner, but I hope to eat at home tonight. We’ll see.

Here’s a story I’m working on for tonight’s news.

In the wake of this historic storm, you may have damage claims. You may also be asked to pay a lot more for a product or service than normally. It happens every time. But the state is being pro-active to help you out.

It’s way too early to tally up the damages from this week’s monster storm, but State Insurance Commissioner John Doak has seen enough to know Oklahoma will need help. He told me this morning, “We’re seeing enough damage, cars across the state, potential homes, commercial buildings that we want to be ready.”

Doak issued an emergency order Tuesday that will allow licensed claims adjusters from other states to help assess damages from the storm. He expects three types of claims:

  • From auto collisions
  • Melting ice damage in homes, from ice damming.
  • And he says the weight of the ice and snow could lead to roof collapses at businesses. It’s already happened at the Hard Rock Casino. It could also happen, he adds, on overhangs, porches, multi-level homes and condos.

And there’s a state law now in effect to stop price gouging… and businesses taking advantage of customers following the storm. It occasionally happens at gas stations. It prohibits the businesses from jacking up their prices more than 10 percent during an official state of emergency.

And it’s not just at the gas pump where you could get gouged. Watch out for the abnormally high cost of any repairs, remodeling or construction following this storm.

If you suspect price gouging, file a complaint with the AG’s Consumer Protection Unit. Click here for an online complaint form.

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