Storm: Record Snowfall

It’s 2:30 pm. We’re gearing up for our news coverage of this monster storm.  It starts at 4 o’clock. Here are the highlights (or low lights):

  • Highways and turnpikes are shut down.
  • The National Guard has been rescuing stranded drivers (some have been in their cars for hours and hours).
  • Part of the roof has collapsed at the Hard Rock Casino in Catoosa.
  • I’ll also have a story on how even though you may be stranded at home, you’re never alone.  Social media keeps us connected with the world. (See earlier post)
  • Latest snowfall total: 13.8 inches (and still going). That breaks several records, including 24 hour total.

Station employees just got an email. Basically it said: “It’s too dangerous. If you’re here, don’t leave! If you’re not here, don’t come.” So, another night on top of Lookout Mountain. I better find another dark corner to set up my sleeping bag.

4 Comments on “Storm: Record Snowfall

  1. Hey Mark, thanks for the reports on the storm. I am amazed at this monster storm. We are in France now and I have been calling my family to make sure everyone is okay. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. Thanks Mark for keeping us and everyone posted. We REALLY appreciate it! Get some sleep!

    • The snow has stopped falling. Now it’s going to get really cold. I think people are starting to get cabin fever. I know I am. It’s called Channel 8 fever. Let me out of here. Maybe tomorrow.

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