Monster Storm: Stranded But Not Alone

It’s safe to say that this storm has probably stranded most of you at home. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of touch. Social media connect all of us… through Facebook, twitter, email, etc. So no matter what happens, it truly is a small world.

With social media we can instantly tell the world about the storm, and, even better, show them what it looks like out your front door. One woman put this on Facebook, “Hey you Oklahoma friends, post some pictures of the snow for me PLEASE!” I’m sure she’ll get plenty. A different viewpoint from someone who’s braving the weather.  “Sure wishing I was in Arizona right now… I’m dreaming about sunshine and some shorts.”

Social media connects us with those who need us. A woman stranded at work, asked on Facebook, “How am I getting home today?”  “The security guys have a 4X4 SUV to help shuttle people,” was one response. Need met. Problem solved.

Sometimes the news you get through social media is about HOW you get the news. Don’t bother looking for the morning paper. The Tulsa World sent out emails saying that, “due to the historic snow accumulation”…”it won’t print Wednesday’s edition, but will continue reporting online.”

With most people stranded at home, social media is a great way to tell others… whether they like it or not… what they’re doing.  A dog owner, looking for advice on Facebook, wrote, “How do you ask your 5 pound dog to potty in this?” Good luck on that one.

Another writes, “I’m playing Xbox, drinking hot coco, and looking out the window thinking how glad I’m not outside.”

But many others are happy to be outside, and they’re posting the pictures to show it. Do you think those boys miss school? I know they don’t because one of them is my son.

2 Comments on “Monster Storm: Stranded But Not Alone

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  2. All I can say it WOW!!!! Take care! Eager to hear more of whether you stayed at the TV station overnight, etc. Eager to see more pictures!!!! Today in Oregon our sky was clear blue, sunny weather We could see Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Jefferson clearly from near our home in Aumsville (near Salem). Sorry to brag. However, I still think about earthquakes and volcanoes around our Pacific Northwest!

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