Closing in on the Record

9 am update:

12 inches of snow in Tulsa. That’s just an inch from our record for a 24 hour period. Go, go, go.

Good Day Tulsa is now on. Keith and Kristin are now out of the cold, and in the studio.

Think you can still get out and drive? In the past half hour alone, we’ve seen or heard of a snowplow, OHP trooper and ambulance stuck in the snow. We also heard on the scanner of a woman in labor trying to make it to the hospital. Her vehicle got stuck on the BA Expressway. Oh boy (or girl)!!

Have nothing to do and feel the urge to shop? Woodland Hills and Promenade Malls are closed. So don’t even think about it. I know some of you are.

LaToya Silmon

And my two co-anchors are finally up. LaToya is guzzling the hot chocolate (it’s her birthday today). Carole is going out for a morning walk.

Carole Lambert



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