Calm Before the Storm

I can’t sleep. It’s one o’clock.  One AM. As in the morning. I’m back at the station, after just a few hours home. The thunder, lightning and sleet started just before midnight, so I thought I’d better drive in to work before I got stuck at home. I’m sure a lot of people would love to be stuck at home with a foot of snow outside. That’s how much the weather guys are predicting today. Tulsa’s record for one day is 12.9 inches. Back in ’94. We could break it.

I’ve worked in TV for 30 years, and not once have I slept at work. Until now. Brought my sleeping bag and pillow, a stash of food, and a change of clothes. There seems to be an employee (we’re called “essential”) in just about every darkened corner and space in the building. Trying to sleep. I accidentally stumbled into one of my co-anchors when I opened a closet door. She was curled up on an air mattress. I know I woke her up, but she didn’t open her eyes. She probably was playing the old “if I didn’t see you, you didn’t see me” game. My other co-anchor is also here. Somewhere. Also trying to get some rest. Good luck!

I took a picture of my Suburban when I got into work. I’ll take another picture of it later today. It should look a little different.

The station brought in food. Lots of candy and cookies and chips. How can we sleep after eating that? Maybe that’s the whole idea. They don’t want us to sleep.

Frank, our chief meteorologist, just got through with his final “live” cut-in. He just walked by, saying he was going to find someplace to sleep for a couple of hours. Good luck!

I just looked outside. Surprise! It’s snowing. Hard. Time to get some sleep. I think I found a good spot. No one will find me.





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