Believe It or Not: Snow and Cold on the Way

See update at the end.

A few minutes ago one of our weather guys, Mike Collier, walked by and I asked him: “What’s your best guess?”  “Easily at least a foot,” was his immediate reply. It’s 9:45am.  We just got through with our morning planning meeting.  We didn’t need to ask the usual question: “What are people talking about today?” It’s a no-brainer. The “elephant” was in the room, and we didn’t ignore him.  The weather is what everyone is talking about.

After Saturday’s mid-70’s, there’s plenty of denial going around. A lot people (including me) can’t believe what we’re told is going to happen. Two to three inches an hour, white-out conditions, bone-chilling temps. Remember the Christmas Eve storm of 2009 (I certainly do. I got stuck for hours on the highway)? Well, this one, we’re being told, is going to be worse. More than a foot of snow, followed by the coldest weather in years. Scare tactics? I also hear that a lot from many of you. But I’m assured by our meteorologists this gloom-and-doom forecast comes from the weather numbers and stats they’re being fed. Does that make you feel any better? Didn’t think so.

So today we’re not ignoring the “elephant”.  Is the city prepared for the storm? Are you prepared for this? On Sunday I made two trips to the grocery store to stock up. The shelves were getting bare.  Will there be anything left tonight, just hours before the storm is supposed to hit? All questions we’ll try to answer.

Not everyone is hating the forecast. My youngest son, Tommy, asked me last night: “Dad, what do you think?” I knew exactly where he was going with that (read “Snow Day”).  “I think you’ll be out of school most of the week,” I said. Huge grin (from him, not me). We’ll see.

UPDATED: 3:15 pm

Our meteorologists are saying the storm could be a record-breaker.  The most snowfall in Tulsa during one 24 hour period is 12.9 inches.  That happened March 8-9, 1994.

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