Fitness Guru Jack LaLanne Dies


When I heard news of fitness guru Jack LaLanne’s death over the weekend I joked to my wife that he was 196 years old.  It only seems like he’s been around that long.

As a kid I used to watch LaLanne, in his one piece jumpsuit, giving his health and exercise tips on TV.  I’d laugh at him (which was probably fine with him), and the advice and routines were simple. Here’s one where he’s doing some fingertip push-ups with “help” from his dog:

You can’t fake those.  I remember LaLanne would provoke Americans to get off their couch and into the gym.  And that was long before it was cool to work out.  Now as an adult, I exercise almost everyday, and try to keep it simple; walk, swim, ride my bike, pump a little iron, and do a few push-ups (not the finger-tip variety).  And I try to eat right.  While he made me laugh as a kid, he must have had some influence on me.

LaLanne was 96 years old when he died Sunday of pneumonia-related respiratory failure, according to  This quote was also on the website:

“Anything in Life is Possible, if YOU Make it Happen!”  Jack LaLanne

Despite his age, I’m a little surprised by his death. I really thought if anyone could live to the age of 196 it would be Jack LaLanne.

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