Snow Day!

I love to see my kids happy, but this is ridiculous.  Last night my 15-year-old and I were watching “Jersey Shore” together (don’t ask why). He kept bugging me about whether his school will have another snow day on Friday. A brief snow storm Thursday morning closed schools, and while there was no new snow forecasted, it was going to be really cold, freezing the roads. The conversation went something like this:

  • Tommy: “Dad, do you think we’ll have school tomorrow?”
  • Me: “Don’t know.”

A couple of minutes later….

  • Tommy: “Do you think we’ll have school?”
  • Me: “Still, don’t know.”

(Pause) Snooky is drunk again.  She’s stumbling, then falling on the sand.

  • Tommy: “What’s your best guess?”
  • Me: “I think she looks like a drunk bowling ball.”
  • Tommy: “No. What’s your best guess about school tomorrow?”
  • Me: “I think you’ll have it (I really meant, I hope you have it). What will you do if there’s no school? There’s hardly any snow left to play in.”
  • Tommy: “I need to study.”
  • Me: “Oh. Right.”
  • Tommy: ‘You sit next to Frank (our weather guy). What does he think?”
  • Me: “It’s not up to him.  It’s up to the school district.  They’ll probably decide in the morning.”
  • Tommy: “Do you think the school district will close schools again?”

At this point, I can’t decide which is worse, Tommy or Snooky? “Jersey Shore” ends, putting me out of that misery, and we turn to Channel 8. Almost immediately  I hear Tommy scream.

  • Tommy: “YESSSSSSSSSSS.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

The crawl at the bottom of the screen says: Union schools CLOSED (emphasis added). Tommy, face beaming, leaps from his chair and gives me a high-five.  My wife says she’s never seen him so happy.

I didn’t expect to see Tommy before I left for work this morning.  On non-school days, he usually doesn’t get up before noon.  So I was surprised when he came downstairs at 7 o’clock.

  • Me: “What in the world are you doing up so early?  Did you forget there’s no school today?
  • Tommy: “(with a big smile) No, I didn’t forget.  I just wanted to say ‘Have a fun day at work Dad. I’m going back to sleep'”

I haven’t called him this afternoon to see how he’s doing.  Didn’t want to disturb him.  He’s probably busy studying.

6 Comments on “Snow Day!

  1. That is AWESOME!!! I love it…hope you had a safe drive up lookout mountain!

  2. Love, love, love snow days as much as the kids. But that’s because I’m a teacher!

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