College Student Pays Tuition With Dollar Bills

Did you hear about the college student who paid his tuition in dollar bills?  It was his way of protesting the increasing cost of education.

Nic Ramos is a student at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  He paid his entire out-of-state tuition semester bill with 14,300 George Washington’s. The money reportedly filled up a duffel bag and weighed 33 pounds.  The New York Times says it took three college employees an hour to count the money.

The NYT’s story:

“It kind of started as a joke,” said Mr. Ramos, an economics major.  “But when I thought about it more,” he said, “it’s just an absurd amount of money. I wanted to give the school a different way to look at tuition.”

I sympathize with Ramos, but especially with parents of college students.  They’re usually the ones paying the bill.  I have one in college, and next year, it’ll be two.  Maybe Nic Ramos’ stunt will inspire colleges to think twice before keep hiking tuition.  Probably not.  But I can hope my boys will see this and…. get a job while in school.

Here’s Ramos in a YouTube  video produced by the Boulder Daily Camera:

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