$12 Million Is Chump Change?

How many of you played the Mega Millions lottery Wednesday for the first time, or first time in a long time, because the jackpot was $380 million?  Yeah, me too.

I bet you’re not playing tonight.  For two reasons.

  • Chump change. The jackpot is starting over at about $12 million.  Who wants to play when it’s only 12 mil?  Not worth the trouble.  Right?
  • Media (lack of) frenzy. The media (including my TV station) was all over the story when it was $380 million.  Today?  Nothing.  That’s a great example of the power of the media.

There could be one more reason you’re not playing Mega Millions tonight.  Maybe you’re one of those college football coaches who’s signing one of those huge contracts.

$12 million?  No thanks. I’ll wait until it gets up to $380 million again.  And when the media makes a big deal about it again.

BTW, the odds of winning are better when the jackpot is low because fewer people are playing.  True or false? Check out a recent post for the answer.

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