A Home Run For Ted Williams

courtesy: Chenoweth AP, CBS

Who needs LeBron James when you have Ted Williams?  The homeless man with a famous baseball name may help Cleveland forget that guy with the now infamous (at least in Cleveland) basketball name. Remember LeBron James?  Cleveland will never forget or forgive him after he snubbed the city last year.

By now, you’ve read Ted Williams’ amazing story.  And heard his “golden voice”. In short, the panhandler’s luck changed when an Ohio newspaper video of his amazing vocal talent went viral.

That’s spawned a whirlwind of media attention and job offers, including one to work for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  It’s even reported the Cavs will pay the mortgage on a home for Williams.

On the Today Show this morning, Williams joked it would be Lebron James’ home.   I don’t live in Cleveland, and never have, but I’m sure many would agree that a Ted Williams-Lebron James trade is a pretty good deal.

I do have a fair share of cynicism though.  I just hope Ted Williams’ story is true.  And if it is, he doesn’t squander his “second chance” and disappoint all of us who love to see the underdog come out on top.  I also hope we don’t have to suffer through another hour-long TV special to hear where he’s “taking my talents”.  That would be a heartbreak for more than just the city of Cleveland.

One Comment on “A Home Run For Ted Williams

  1. THAT IS AWESOME!!! I hope the very best for him & his family!

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