Mega Millions: Strategies and Myths

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot is at that unbelievable amount for tonight’s drawing. Somewhere in the stratosphere of $350 million.  Are you game?

I rarely play the lottery for one huge reason:  the odds are horrible.  Also, I used to live in Vegas.  There’s a reason why the resorts are so gorgeous… the house almost always win.

But if I did play the lottery, it was usually when the jackpot was tiny.  If $15 million is considered tiny.  My reasoning was fewer people are playing, so my odds (still extremely small) are better. Apparently my reasoning over the years has been flawed.

ABCNews did a story about lottery myths.  They include:

  • Do the odds get worse when the pot increases and more people play? The answer is “No.”  Mathematicians says the odds are always the same… about 1 in 176 million… because they always draw six balls from the same set of numbers.
  • Do computer pick better numbers? Are the numbers you pick any better? Statistically it doesn’t matter.  And playing the same number time after time doesn’t help you win any faster.

Hope that helps.  If it does, and you win, send some love money my way.

What would you do with $350 million (minus taxes)?

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