IRS: Tax Deadline Extended to April 18

The Internal Revenue Service announced today that the tax deadline this year is April 18, not the usual April 15.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad.  More on why later.

First, why the extra three days? It’s NOT because of the previous announcement that millions of itemizers won’t be able to file before mid-February because of congressional tax changes. The reason is because the District of Columbia is celebrating Emancipation Day (the holiday marking the freeing of D.C. slaves by President Lincoln) on April 16. That’s a Saturday, meaning D.C. takes the day off on Friday, the 15th.

Tax deadlines can’t fall on a weekend or holiday, so we have until April 18 to send our dues to Uncle Sam.

The extra few days is good for procrastinators.  It’s bad if you’re a procrastinator who was looking forward to a relaxing weekend after another stressful tax season.

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