Woman Stuffs Herself With 30,000 Calorie Christmas Feast

Feeling guilty about taking that last piece of pumpkin pie?  Are you a little depressed over how much you chowed  on Christmas Day?  Don’t.  Not after seeing how much Donna Simpson ate. You may remember her from an earlier post of mine.  Earlier this year Simpson, a 600 pound New Jersey woman, hit the headlines when she announced a hefty goal of hers: 1,000 pounds.  She’s still working at it.  According to a report in London’s Daily Mail, she ate for two straight hours on Saturday.  Here’s what was on her plate(s):

  • Two 25 pound turkeys

    Donna Simpson

  • Two maple-glazed hams
  • 15 pounds of potatoes
  • 5 loaves of bread
  • 5 pounds of herb stuffing
  • 4 pints of gravy
  • 4 pints of cranberry dressing
  • 20 pounds of veggies

And she left room for dessert!  She “ate a ‘salad’ made of marshmallow, cream cheese, whipped cream and cookies.”

That all adds up to 30,000 calories for her Christmas meal. I’ll give you a moment to digest that. (Long pause.)  Back with me?  So quit feeling guilty over a little post-Christmas pie.

Simpson makes money from being fat with her public appearances. And she has a website where you can pay to watch her eat.  I’ll spare you the website link because I doubt you have the stomach for it.

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