Turnaround in Seasonal and Temp Jobs

The nation’s unemployment rate climbed to 9.8% in November, a seven month high, as hiring slowed. But locally, it’s a different story if you’re looking for temporary work that could lead to a full-time job. Casey Lamb, president of American StaffCorp in Tulsa told me:  “We are as busy as ever.  The jobs are there.  We need people.”

Nationally and locally the slogan could be: What a difference a year makes in U.S. retail.    Estimates say stores nationwide will add some 600,000 seasonal workers this holiday, up 20% from 2009. In Tulsa, there are plenty of temp jobs available that may turn into full-time positions, according to Lamb.  “It’s nothing compared to last year,” he says, when there were few jobs to pick from, and far too many qualified workers to fill them. So who’s hiring?  The jobs include:

  • Call centers paying $10-$15/hr.
  • Warehouse work also $10-$15/hr.
  • Welders and machine operators at $15-$22/hr.

Unlike strictly seasonal work, these jobs could turn into something more… a full-time position.

Lambs says he’s calling people who his company has placed before with jobs, and typically gets this response: “Sorry, I can’t take the job, my unemployment benefits were just extended.” He kept repeating to me, “There are a lot of jobs out there.  We just need qualified workers to take them.” Maybe, just maybe, the unemployment rate wouldn’t be as high as it is if many unemployed Americans wanted to work.  Just a thought.

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