Thanksgiving (Dinner) On Hold

I guess this is one way of getting out of cooking for Thanksgiving.  Everything on the inside of most of the bottom floor of our house is covered in plastic.   No, we haven’t been hit by the plague.  More like a flood.  A pipe busted in our kitchen this morning, and before you could yell “Titanic”, water was everywhere. 

You know what?  An inch of water isn’t good on wood floors.  So workers are tearing them up.  Power tools have replaced kitchen appliances for a while.  And we’re eating dust for dinner.

Inconvenient?  Sure.  But it’s not like we’re going to jump off the Titanic (even though that’s a picture below of my wife sitting in the pantry with a finger pointed to her head).   And it probably saved a turkey’s life.  My wife loves to cook for Thanksgiving. In fact, she scolded me for not picking up “The Pioneer Woman‘s” cookbook when I interviewed her last week (“Meeting The Pioneer Woman: Just Don’t Make Me Cook”).  “Don’t you know it would have been perfect for Thanksgiving?”, she gobbled.  Ah, see it all worked out, didn’t it?

5 Comments on “Thanksgiving (Dinner) On Hold

  1. Traumatic when these things happen… sorry to hear this Mark. Buy your wife a gorgeous dress and take her out for dinner all week. 🙂

    • Great idea Nicole. Then I’ll bill it (the meals) to insurance. I don’t know if I can get away with the dress though.

  2. Oh my! Are you sure that Tommy wasn’t up to his kitchen faucet pranks again? I’ve got a Costco 23 pounder out here in Oregon—-come join us. Unless you don’t want to fly anymore.

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