Tulsa Gives Lingerie Football League The Slip

I’ll be brief.  The other night I was watching TV with my youngest boy when a commercial caught his eye.  Okay, OUR eye.  It was promoting the Lingerie Football League.  Pictures of   beautiful, scantily clad women knocking the snot out of each other on the gridiron.  With team names like Dallas Desire, Chicago Bliss and Philadelphia Passion.  Disgusting right?  Just kidding.  My son, who plays football, made some comment like, “Dad, they’re really good!” He has a good eye.  Just like his dad.

Now fast forward, and throw a long bomb(shell) to today. There’s word that Tulsa could be asked to have one of those Underwear teams when the league expands.  Say what? It’s reported that Oklahoma City was approached.  The OKC mayor turned down the league saying, “there are too many problems to list.”  So maybe Tulsa?  Our mayor doesn’t like the idea either.  Dewey Bartlett told the Tulsa World: “Women running around in their underwear tackling one another.  It’s like mud wrestling.”  My TV station sent intrepid reporter Burt Mummolo (tough assignment) to check it out too.  Jim Edwards, with the Spirit Bank Event Center (a Tulsa metro venue approached by the Lingerie League), told Burt that “the financial side of it is definitely tempting”, but….

I asked Burt what he thought about an Unmentionables football team in Tulsa.  He said “it would sure give our economy a boost.”  I think I know where Burt’s going with that one.

Oh well, even without a Skivvies team here, football is still king in Oklahoma.  It just won’t be queen too.  Now, how will I break the news to my youngest boy?

2 Comments on “Tulsa Gives Lingerie Football League The Slip

  1. The mayor of Oklahoma City says he will oppose the new expansion team of the Lingerie Football League. He doesn’t want scantily clad women running around in his city. Then again if you Google “Oklahoma City strip clubs,” you get 156,000 results. Can you say DD-ouble standard? Now Mayor Bartlett is saying the same thing. So does that mean we will be closing down the strip clubs, lingerie shops and adult book stores in Tulsa? Mr. Mayors, you certainly have the right to speak, albeit contradictive, your opinion. What I am concerned with is this where we are going to draw the line when, by SpiritBank Arena officials, it would be a boost to our faultering local economy? All I am saying is don’t speak before doing your homework. In other words, forget you’re a politician for a moment and think about the city’s welfare.

  2. Good decision by the mayor. There are limits and standards of decency that should be followed.

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