Online Help For Your Finances

Sometimes we need a little help keeping our cash in check. And the internet can be a money saver. Most of us want to keep track of our spending, and get help reaching our financial goals.

There are web sites that help you accomplish that.  They include:

  • is free and easy to use.  It analyzes your spending, budgeting and investing patterns, and gives personalized advice on how to save money.  Money magazine named the best online personal finance tool.
  • uses a virtual financial investor called “Sophie” to help you develop a financial plan and choose the right investments based on your goals.
  • Google’s Tipjar.  Here you can find and submit tips on how to save money.  Like this piece of advice, “Pay your bills online to save on postage”.  You can even vote on the usefulness of the tips, so you can be sure the best ones are front and center.
  • There’s also I checked it out almost daily.  It has the latest interest rates and also calculators to help you pay off everything from cars to credit cards.

These are just a few of the many financial web sites to keep your cash in check.

One Comment on “Online Help For Your Finances

  1. Thanks for the tips….I’m going to check all of these out….that’s just the kind of info I’ve been needing! Took Financial Peace earlier this year and I’m in the process of paying stuff off and trying to budget my money well. Can’t wait to check these out!

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