Need a Job? Plenty of Seasonal and Temp Work Available

While the unemployment rate isn’t coming down yet, we continue to hear of big companies hiring big numbers of seasonal workers for the holidays.

The latest is United Parcel Service.  UPS expects to hire 50,000 employees to work during the holidays.  UPS says workers will be hired to fill positions such as package sorters and driver helpers.  Hiring begins this month and will continue until all open positions are filled.

Others hiring for the holidays include:

Want a job that lasts longer than the holiday season?  Many employment agencies say there are more temp jobs available than there are people to fill them.  Casey Lamb, president of American StaffCorp in Tulsa, says they can’t find enough people to go to work. Who’s hiring?

  • Call centers paying $10 – $15 dollars/hr.
  • Warehouse work, also $10 – $15/hr.
  • Skilled workers, like welders and machine operators, at $15 – $22/hr.

So whether it be seasonal or temp work… there are jobs available.  But Lamb echoes what many other employment experts are saying: “Businesses are holding back on full-time hires, waiting to see what happens with the economy.”


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