What You Might Not Know About Groupons

By now, many people are familiar with Groupon.  Groupon offers one money saving deal per day in cities around the world, including Tulsa.  The deal only kicks in if enough people buy it.  But there may be things you don’t know about Groupon.

Since Groupon started a couple of years ago, its popularity has skyrocketed.  Its now offering those great deals in more than 150 cities around the world.  But USNews.com found that Groupon isn’t all about delivering super-cheap items to coupon-hungry customers.

USNews says you may not know that:

  • Groupons often focus on experiences, not things. For example, skydiving and winery tours.  Or today’s deal (9-30-10) in Tulsa…  a family night of bowling for just $25.
  • You don’t need to use the coupon the day you buy it… and often can’t.  Once you buy the deal, there’s no rush to use it.  Most deals last six months to a year.
  • It’s no longer the only game in town. There are other entrants in the field of group coupons, including KTUL’s “Good Deal Tulsa”, which also offers discounts of 50% or more at local businesses.
  • Those who use Groupon make more money than you may think. About half earn over $70,000 a year and 29% earn more than $100,000, according to Groupon.
  • It may get you to spend more money, not less. Especially if you weren’t even thinking about buying that cupcake or massage in the first place. But if you were already planning on spending the money, there’s only an upside to sites like Groupon and “Good Deal Tulsa”.  

Click here for the “7 Things You Should Know About Groupons”.

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