Want To Save Money? Stay Away From These Overpriced Products

We love convenience, but sometimes pay dearly for it. There’s a list out of some of the most overpriced products to avoid if you want to save money.

The list comes from WalletPop.com… a personal finance Website.  It says if you really want to save money, stay away from buying these things that have a huge markup. They include:

  • Bottled water. By one estimate, bottled water has a 4000% markup over tap water.  And since much of it comes from municipal taps, you’re better off refilling that plastic bottle at home.  Make sure it’s clean though.
  • How about movie theater popcorn? That’s a 1275% markup compared to what you buy in the store.
  • Brand name drugs have a 200% to 3000% markup over their generic counterparts.
  • Ever tempted to raid the hotel room mini bar? Markups of 300% to 400% are common.
  • At four bucks a pop, or more, greeting cards are expensive.  But we still pay the 200% markup that stores put on them.
  • Coffee. (Did you hear Starbucks is raising prices?) 300% markup, when we could brew a cup at home for a quarter.

Many of these things are tough to resist because they’re convenient.  But if you really want to cut back, avoiding them will save you money.

Click here for WalletPop’s “10 Most Overpriced Products You Should Avoid”

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