Top Job Websites

Finding a job in today’s economy is hard work. Here’s one way to make your search a little easier. Earlier this year, the U-S Department of Labor presented its “Tools for America’s Job Seekers Challenge”. It was looking for feedback and recommendations from people on their favorite job websites. Now, the best-of-the-best can be found in one place.

More than 16,000 people reviewed and recommended over 600 job search and career advancement tools. The results have been tallied and the top-rated sites in each of 6 categories are now available at

For example, in the “General Job Boards” category, the top sites include the well-known like and, and many you may not have heard of, like with its green job openings.

Under the “Niche Job Boards” you can find sites with openings for college students, those in the military, older workers, and even websites to help someone with a criminal background find work.

Some of the job websites are geared to specific states, so you probably wouldn’t be interested in them. But there are so many others… hundreds of them… that could help you land a job or advance your career.

Click here for all 600+ job and career help websites.

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