Tricks To Get Speedy Customer Service

I’m often on the phone trying to get through to customer service with a question or complaint.

And I’m usually waiting forever, or get cut off (after waiting forever).  Sound familiar?  We’ve all been there, “on hold”, or winding through a maze of confusing numbers to get to the person who can fix our problem. has these tricks to get speedy customer service (on the phone and off):

  • Tweet your complaint. Most big companies monitor Twitter for mentions of their names and will respond to your complaint if you tweet about it. For a more direct route, find a company’s Twitter handle and comment to that person directly.
  • Opt for Spanish. Choose the Spanish option if there is one.  One person who’s tried it says the wait is a lot shorter.  It helps if you speak Spanish, but you don’t need to be fluent to use this customer service option.
  • Go rotary. Rotary phones don’t work on automated phone systems, so a lot of systems will kick you to a live agent if you don’t push any buttons.    So if you don’t have a rotary phone, which is just about all of us, next time you call, don’t press any numbers, and see if you get to that ‘live person” quicker.
  • Live chat. Instead of calling, get on the computer and choose the company’s Live Chat option.  An online rep may give you an answer immediately, plus it gives you a record of what the customer service rep says.
  • Go to the top. Try e-mailing the company president with your concern or complaint. You may get a response back, with the resolution you want.   Company’s don’t usually give out their president’s e-mail, but sometimes you can figure it out if you know his/her name and the company’s e-mail address.

Let me know if any of these have worked for you.

Click here for’s “5 Tricks To Speedy Customer Service”.


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