Is 50 the New 25?

Do you ever think, “I sure don’t feel like I’m (your age)”?   Feeling younger, not older, that is.  There are times I’m envious of my college and high school age boys who seem to be having so much fun.  But I’m happy and content where I am.  

Apparently I’m not alone.  A new study has found that the middle-aged are having far more fun than those half their age.  They’re more sociable, happy and active.  In other words, 50 is the new 25. Here are some of the findings of the British study about a typical 50-year-old vs. an average 25-year-old:

  • 50: Goes out twice a week and sees four friends.  Packs in three weekends away each year.  25: One evening out a week, with three friends.  Two short breaks.
  • 50:  Half say their focus was on enjoying life to the fullest, compared to a third of those in their 20’s.
  • Those over 50 ranked their contentment 7.6 out of 10, while the mid-20’s rated themselves 6.5.

A spokesman for Benenden Healthcase, which commissioned the survey says, “Twenty-somethings get caught in the stresses and demands of a job but in doing so let other parts of their life slip.  The over-50’s are setting the pace well ahead of their younger counterparts.  Being 50 is definitely the new 25.”

We’re all going to be there someday (or we’re there already), so we might as well enjoy it.

Daily Mail “Rise of the Nifty Fifty”

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