Flu Season: That Flu Shot May Not Be Free This Year

Flu season is just around the corner.  And that means rolling up your sleeve and saying, “Why yes, I’d love to get stuck with that big needle.”   But for a lot of people that flu shot will not only be a pain in the arm, but also in the wallet.

NewsChannel 8 reports that the Oklahoma State Health Department has done away with its “free shots for anyone” program.  It gave out  nearly 200,000 last year.  Budget cuts have forced  the change.  It’ll charge $25 for a flu shot for most people this year.   There are a few exceptions though. Free shots will still be available for:

  • Children without insurance.
  • Seniors who rely totally on medicare.

Here’s a way anyone can get a free flu shot this year (sort of).  CVS Pharmacies are offering free shots, when you spend $30 on certain Proctor & Gamble products like Bounty, Tide and Pampers.  So if you’re going to spend the money on that stuff anyway, the flu shot is free.  Go here to check when your local CVS is offering this deal.

Walgreens will also offer flu shots for $29.99 each, but you don’t have to buy anything else.  I noticed on Walgreens’ website you can buy a flu shot gift card (also $29.99) for someone.  That’s a great gift for either someone you love, or would love to get stuck with a needle.

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