Survey: 30% of Teens Are Ready To “Unfriend” Parents

The other day my wife had an interesting conversation with one of our teenage boys that went something like this:

Wife: I’m going to put that cute picture of you on Facebook.
Son: Better not. Quit embarrassing me.
Wife: I can if I want.
Son: If you do, I’ll “unfriend” you.
Wife: You wouldn’t dare.
Son: Try me.

“Unfriend” your own mom? (Chances are, I’m next.) After all his parents have done for him? Ungrateful little….!   Apparently we’re not the only parents whose broken hearts are being stomped on. A new survey from AOL and Nielsen found that nearly 30% of teenagers are ready to “unfriend” their parents given the choice, and are twice as likely to want to “unfriend” mom versus dad (that makes me feel a little better). Don’t they know the favorite comeback by parents (thanks to Bill Cosby)? “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.”

Here are a few of the survey’s findings:

  • 76% of parents with kids on Facebook claim to have “friended” their teens.
  • 54% of the children don’t personally know all of their friends on FB.
  • 29% of teenagers are ready to “unfriend” their parents.
  • 16% of teens say they’re leaving FB now that their parents have joined.
  • 14% of teens say there are just “too many adults and older people” on FB.  

As I’m writing this, we’re still “friends” with all of our boys. That may change though after sharing this “cute” picture of them.  Embarrassing? Probably. But I’m willing to take the chance. Isn’t that what parents are for?

One Comment on “Survey: 30% of Teens Are Ready To “Unfriend” Parents

  1. Oh boy, what a challenge for grandparents to get “unfriended” by their grandchildren! Perhaps it’s already happened! Those that do, must have something they are ashamed of. No problem! I could find an earlier picture of the above boys that would be great on Facebook. I already had a cute, curly-headed picture of someone else I know! As for Facebook being JUST for the young—-I would challenge that statement. Here’s for more baby pictures! Hurray for Cosby!

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