Cruise Contracts: 7 Clauses To Beware Of

My wife and I love cruise vacations, and recently returned from our latest adventure at sea. All went well, except for when the ship had to take drastic evasive maneuvers to miss several pods of whales heading straight for us.  That happened while we were in the dining room (my steak and lobster plate ended up in front of someone else).  The captain later told me they didn’t want to hit the whales because that would make the news.

Other than saving the whales, the cruise was uneventful.  Thankfully, especially after reading what’s in cruise contracts (which I didn’t read before sailing).  The contracts are written by the cruise company’s lawyers, and protect them,  not you.  From MSNBC story:

Cruise contracts are filled with clauses and supported by laws that the average passenger doesn’t know about. If they did, they might think twice before setting sail. The paperwork addresses everything from what the cruise line owes you when something goes wrong (not much) when it’s responsible for your well-being (hardly ever) to where and when you can sue them (in a faraway court, and almost never).

For example,  your family can’t sue the cruise line for malpractice if you get sick and the ship’s doctor treats you and you die.  And the ship may, or may not, keep the promised schedule.  For any reason at any time, schedules, ports, lodging, etc. can be changed.

Like I said, we had smooth sailing on our latest cruise (other than playing a game of chicken with the whales), but I know others aren’t so lucky.  Let me know of some of your cruising horror stories.

Check out the “7 Clauses To Beware Of In Your Cruise Contract”

One Comment on “Cruise Contracts: 7 Clauses To Beware Of

  1. So glad you had a good trip and your ship did not hit any of our NW whale pods! Tom and I have not done a cruise yet….. but hope to go fishing in AK in the near future! Cheers for your anniversary! Cindy

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