Survey: 9 Out of 10 Teens Drive While Distracted

A disturbing new survey is out on teens and texting.  Nearly nine out of ten teens admit to engaging in distracted driving behaviors.

If you’re a parent, and your teenager is about to drive out of the driveway, this has got to concern you.    What’s even more disturbing about this new survey by AAA and Seventeen Magazine is most teens know it’s dangerous to text and drive, but do it anyway.

  • 84% of teen drivers  believe that inattention behind the wheel raises the risk of a crash.
  • 86% say they’ve texted, talked on cell phones, fiddled with iPods and radios, eaten and applied makeup.

Nearly 8000 people died in 2008 in crashes involving a distracted driver and more than half million were hurt, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Don’t just blame teenage drivers.  NewsChannel 8 recently put cell phone distractions to the test and found that texting and talking really does fog the focus of people of all ages.  Tulsa Police Cpl. Darren Bristow teaches classes on defensive driving, and preaches the dangers of distractions while behind the wheel.  “Its taking your attention away from the actual driving process,” Bristow says. “When you’re operating a motor vehicle down the roadways your attention needs to be focused on not only what’s in front of you but also to the sides of you using your peripheral vision.”

But teen distracted driving is more alarming because this age group is the most inexperienced behind the wheel.  And fearless.  The survey found more than a third don’t think they’ll get hurt.

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