Do I Really Need To Buy That?

I  love the latest high-tech gadget.  And I usually end up buying it.  Even when I shouldn’t.  Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Droid X.  Yeah, it’s my weakness (one of them).  So an article in the Well-Heeled Blog  caught my eye.  It gives pointers on how to talk yourself out of shopping and buying stuff.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself first:

  • How many hours would it take to make the money I’m about to spend?
  • Do I REALLY need it?
  • Do I have something similar?
  • Can the money be better spent on something else, such as college or retirement?

Boy, those are tough, soul-searching questions.  Sometimes we need a new toy and deserve it.  But sometimes we just need a little help talking ourselves out of buying it.

Check out the other ways on “How to Talk Yourself Out of Buying and Spending”.

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